5 bridal make up tips!

As a wedding planner I get a lot questions from my brides on how to look absolutely perfect and natural on their wedding day. So I asked bridal beauty expert in Greece, Georgia Xristodoulou , to share her secrets and 5 bridal make up tips for brides to be special day!

1. Should bridal makeup be natural? It depends on many factors. If the bride use intense makeup in every day life then the professional MUA will apply the tones and shades which bride prefer at the wedding day. The most important thing is to be yourself. If the bride doesn’t use makeup every day, then bridal makeup have to be light and natural to highlight the features of every bride to be. 


2. What about lash extensions before the wedding day?Every professional MUA has a variety of false lashes and you can choose the perfect for you. But if you like to have a semi permanent result then go girl!

3. Will my bridal makeup last all night? If you choose a professional MUA the bridal makeup will last for sure. Professionals has high quality make up products which are water-proof and time-proof, so don’t be afraid of the duration.


4. How will I choose the right pro MUA for my wedding day?Piece of cake! The only thing you have to do is to ask your wedding planner who collaborate with the best in the wedding industry. There are many professionals and wedding experts so that you can compare their portfolios and prices. Always make a meeting or Skype call with the pro so that you can figure out that you are match in heaven.

5. How can I be sure about the result of my makeup at the wedding day?As you hire a professional MUA leave the fear behind. The professional MUA has the experience and knowledge to deliver the best look for you. Otherwise book a trial with your MUA professional at least one month before the wedding day and find exactly the best makeup for you.


Don’t forget to be the best version of yourself at the wedding day. 

bridal make up Georgia Xristodoulou | photography Sotiris Tsakanikas

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