Wedding planning process tips!

Starting planning their wedding day a lot of couples feeling stress and they don’t know how to begin. There are so many vendors to contact with and so many ideas on our social life that wedding planning process make them feel in some point overwhelmed. Since we talk about the most special event of their lives this is totally understandable.

However, this journey of at least 12 months process of their life can be easily a free stress experience hiring a wedding planner who is going to guide and advice them how to choose the best vendors on the wedding industry and make planning procedure an enjoyable time.

From our experience, insights from collaborators and couples’ reviews we gathered 6 wedding planning tips for real couples who want to have fun and get a kick out of wedding planning process.

1. Hire a wedding planner. Celebration of your wedding is a huge case. Wedding planning is a full time job and since you already have one and you need your personal time to keep it for family and friends you should think of hiring a professional wedding planner. A professional knows better where to start, how to organize this process and guide you in a stress free schedule. Referrals to exceptional vendors, better negotiations and coordination of the day are some of the services you earn when you decide to work with a wedding planner.


2. Instagram & Pinterest, your best friends. We live in a world full of social media and visual reality. Everybody has at least one account in social media in order to communicate, engage, researche or buy things online.When a celebration as a wedding day is coming you can find anything you want by searching on Google. Social media though is the best way for inspiration and vendors’ guide. Pinterest is the No1 platform for brides to find the inspiration they are looking for and you can create your very own moodboard of the dreamy day. Instagram is No1 platform to find vendors, inspiration, tips and so much more.


3. Moodboard. The proposal is done and you said YES. Now what? Naturally you are starting to look about wedding dress, professionals, flowers and destination venues. This may turn out in a very complicated situation. Before you get to confused start from your personal style and create a board with inspired pictures of your dreamy day. Pinterest will help you to do this. Then try to clear it up by keeping only what you feel suits your personal style and you feel comfortable with. You don’t want in a such unique day to be something else that your best self. This moodboard will help you and your wedding planner to organize and plan the most wonderful day of your life.


4. Timeline. Celebrating such a memorable day as your wedding everything need to be perfectly planned and coordinated. Your planner will follow a timeline with you in order everything to be as you discussed in first place. In case you decided to be the wedding planner of your special day make sure everything is on truck by sending a timeline in each vendor one week before the celebration day. Time, date, venue, emergency call number and responsibilities should be on the timeline schedule.


5. Wedding email address. Planning your wedding day includes a lot of emails, communications with wedding planner and vendors, contracts and payments. If you don’t want to mess up or share your personal email then you should get a wedding email address. You and your partner can use it for the wedding planning process and your communications with the professionals. In this way you are organized and of course both of you have access in every little detail of your wedding planning journey.


6. Dream team. The celebration of a wedding, especially for a destination one, has a lot of responsibilities and it is a job to share. A team work brings better results therefore you have to decide first what responsibilities each of you will take. Usually brides are into to decoration, florals and stationery arrangements and grooms are more into to catering, open bar, Dj and music. You know better what you are more interested to so that you can enjoy the planning process till the end.


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