As a wedding planner and wedding designer I am a firm believer of small details in a wedding mood board and smooth earthy tones on flower compositions with a pop of color or a combo. Trends are great but I believe that something classic is always timeless and modern, too. Autumn colors are my favorites and that’s why I chose to saw you a Golden & White flower guide with seasonal flowers and shades to create the most elegant wedding centerpiece.

Based on Golden and White this color palette we designed for a Thanksgiving Rehearsal Dinner Inspiration captured by Vasilis Kouroupis and created by Fillo Flower Studio will steal your heart. We have incorporated the “royal” white roses and the neutral colors with golden-mustard roses hues to avoid the monochrome effect, thus giving a glam chic effect.

If you are a fan of the natural palette, you will love the way the autumn leaves give the seasonal touch without taking away the elegant design in this centerpiece.

wedding flower centerpiece photgrapher vasilis kouroupis


1 . White O’Hara Roses

Τhese giant White O’Hara Roses give with their shape and roundness a wonderful filling in our centerpiece. We love the way they give a “royal” hue with their off-white color but also the unique way they open their leaves which transfer the eye of the beholder in a sense of movement.

2. Autumn Leaves.

A variety of flowers that can be collected from nature during Fall season. Autumn leaves in dark green, yellow, brown even orange color are plentiful and the slightest addition give a huge impact on a design. For this reason we used them for our floating arch without a trace of flowers, thus giving warmth to both our central composition and the overall design of our table.

3. White Tulip.

These subtle visions give our flower design a fantastic and airy look. Their petite white petals are ideal for this palette as they balance beautifully between the giant White and Gold tones of roses we chose for this centerpiece.

4. Golden Mustard Roses.

The Golden Roses are really as rare as their beauty. If you want to include a Mustard-Gold hue in your wedding, you should almost always consider one of the very few varieties of rose that offer such a tone – Golden Mustard or Combo Rose is one of them. Their durability, their rare beauty and their exquisite shade are just a few of the reasons why you should seriously consider this variety if you want a special and warm composition. Uncommon result for sure!

5. Symphoricarpos Albus.

This type pictured here is white but comes in a variety of shades. We were looking for a neutral color tone that would suit our theme. It gives the touch that our composition needs without weighing it down.

6. Quicksand Magic.

Oh, la la. The Quicksand Roses! Look at these beauties. These creamy pink roses are rare in elegance and charm. Their petals open wide and magically creating a beautiful heart in their center. To balance beautifully between white and gold and maintain the natural palette you only need a few. Such an ethereal adjustment.

7. Copper Asparagus Fern.

Use your imagination! Add this apparition both to create effects and to beautifully fill in the gaps between leaves and flowers. Its unique color fits perfectly in the natural palette but also in the warm Autumn ambiance.

8. Lagurus Samtgras.

Last but not least. The details. Just add a little Lagurus to emphasize the design. Details make the difference. Give it the right height to be seen from a corner among your beautiful flowers. Its earthy tone ensures balance.

photography Vasilis Kouroupis | inspiration pictures Pinterest

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