For many couples, the development of a relationship in a marriage causes stress or even fear. This happens for many reasons. First comes the stress of starting a family that a marriage brings. Second, the uncertain financial future. Also a big concern is the connection of two different families.

Especially after the entry of Covid-19 into our lives we have seen many couples separate months or weeks before wedding. The incarceration for months and the suspension of work brought financial problems to the couples. The change of lifestyle showed social distance, too.

couple doubts before wedding

As a result, couples who had already started their wedding preparations became anxious with all the new measures and developments. Doubting either it make sense to get married and start a family or if it is right to spend so much money for so many guests. Of course, thinking if it will be possible to safely celebrate with friends and family on their wedding day.

In this case I tried to help my couples starting from the guest list. I recommended to become smaller with couple’s nearest and dearest. Reducing the wedding budget, the design became more special, as they wanted from the beginning. Also, the measures were much easier to observe among a few guests.

couple doubts before wedding

Mediterranean and modern design meet in an area with immense potential for holding private receptions. Thus, they managed to have a more special destination wedding. They shared a day with people they love very much and created memories with. An intimate celebration is the best way to start your life together without stress and with great optimism.

The money was invested in what was important to the couple in first place. Attention on details is something that helped them to avoid the initial doubts and thoughts of cancelling the wedding. For us, it was all about showing to the couples that having a destination minimony does not mean that you will lose from the overall style and atmosphere. An intimate wedding simply means fewer guests, not a lesser experience.

couple doubts before wedding

Couple doubts before wedding goes away when everything else is solved with practical solutions. It remains you to see the person you have been with for so long, the reasons you love him/her every day. The way you feel when you are with him/her. I give practical solutions when it comes to wedding planning. My couples have time to commit to each other and not argue over trivial reasons due to stress and lack of time.


To avoid doubts about your marriage do not discuss with third parties your plans. Nor the money you want to spend or the style of the wedding you desire. Many times the opinions of our friends or relatives create doubts about things that we are sure of. This happening because of their own point of view but also because you do not share the same needs or expectations. Stay in the original plan and discuss it only with each other. Just like you do with everything else about your relationship. Leave the rest to your wedding planner.

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