wedding planner in Greece

Planning an Elopement in Greece can be both exciting and stressful process especially when it is going to be done on abroad. But it should not scare you because it is a wonderful experience in the end. We have prepared some tips for you for making this experience the best of your life. With so many things going on with Covid-19 worldwide an Elopement might be the perfect thing to do!

1 . Find the Location

Find the right location for you. Whether it is a Greek island overlooking the endless blue of Greece or Athens, the capital city, with its historic center, luxury villas and hotels are a breath away from the sea you will be thrilled with the result. If you want your wedding to have legal validity you need to be informed about the procedures.

Otherwise, a symbolic ceremony exchanging your vows with a sea view or under the rock of the Parthenon or with the background of a castle either in a farm full of olive trees is a perfect idea. Where it suits you best Greece has endless options and we are here to help you to be the best experience of your life.

2 . Hire a Photographer

Even if it is just the two of you, this day deserves to be captured by a professional and cherish it forever. These are the memories you can share with family and friends when you are back in your hometown.

3 . Flowers make everything Prettier

Ηold a bridal bouquet. Even if it is not the big wedding with hundreds of guests, it is still your special day and you are the bride. After all, flowers make everything look and be more beautiful.

4 . Consider Family & Friends

The fact that you chose to elope does not mean that you have to forget your dear friends and family. Send them an invitation, inform them of your decision and invite them to attend the ceremony via Skype. Ask them to dress formally and hold a glass of champagne for the toast after the vows. They will be very happy, for sure.

5 . Wedding Planner is your Guardian Angel

Αll of the above and even more, such as a dinner for two after the ceremony or even a wedding cake arrangement, are just a few of the details a Wedding Planner will take care of for you. The process will be less stressful for you and you will be able to enjoy your day.

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