I know how much couples struggle to set a wedding budget for their dream day. I am often asked about the average prices of wedding services before they go ahead and book their vendor team for a wedding in Greece. I totally understand this stressful stage of a wedding planning process and that’s where I come into play.

I’m always totally honest with my couples from the very beginning. I want to help them make their wedding day exactly the way they wanted it to be. Usually Pinterest inspiration proves quite expensive and Instagram weddings can look really amazing but out of the wedding budget. Find below some information and tips on how to set a wedding budget for your dream day.

First of all you should set your priorities based on what you want for your special day. Don’t try to copy a wedding you saw on Instagram or Pinterest. Get inspired and save insights to share with your supplier team, but think about what really matters most to you. Second and most important, have a skilled wedding planner by your side to help you determine the options and get a first idea about average costs involved. The planner will recommend the best team of vendors based on your available budget and your personal needs.

I always ask my couples where they want to allocate the biggest part of their budget on. Usually the venue, food & drinks is almost 40-45% of the total wedding budget. Decoration, fairy lights & flowers are also a rather expensive service, but so important for a beautiful final result. Photographer and videographer are also expensive services, however you should consider hiring the team recommended by your wedding planner as they know how cooperate perfectly and you will thus cherish a lovely footage forever.

You can for sure save on your wedding budget by choosing a DJ for a party instead of hiring a live band, or having an open bar for fewer hours when everyone has already dined. Destination weddings have hidden costs and fees for transportation or facilities that you need to consider before making your decision. Try to invest in your priorities and talk honestly with your wedding planner so she can help you.

When choosing a popular top destination for your wedding, such as Greece, you should consider booking your team months in advance to save money based on quotes and availability. Weekdays are a nice option as you can get discounted prices and intimate weddings will probably be a good idea if you want to invest in flawless design and a valued team of vendors who can produce the result you always dreamed of.

Whatever you choose, make sure it really makes you happy. My couples trust me and my team and always say “Let’s do it again” and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that!

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