As a Wedding Planner and Wedding Stylist I know how important the planning process is so that you can have the most wonderful result on your wedding day. Either you have time to plan your wedding or a perfect Pinterest board the planning process includes a lot of tasks and responsibilities. It is a full time job and that’s why couples need a Wedding Planner for their wedding day. For those couples who don’t really know what Wedding Planners do we prepared a small list with the most critical tasks. Above all the Wedding Planner is your guide angel during the full process and the day of the event!

1. Planning Timetable-Schedule

Your local Wedding Planner will help you from A to Z with a timetable of tasks. You are thrilled about the upcoming event, yes. But you don’t really know where to start from or what you have to do for the big day. Having a Wedding Planner helping you with her list and experience is something that you can not compare. Plus, a Wedding Planner has planned weddings before while is your first time, right?

2.Vendor List

Instagram, Pinterest and google searching will help you find vendors for your wedding day or will make it more complicated. Wedding Planners will provide you a list with the best wedding vendors for your destination event based on your style, budget and needs saving you time by sending emails on your free time.

3.Design & styling

Your personal style matters when we talk about your wedding day. Your Wedding Planner will take care of everything based on this by designing the perfect mood board. Colors, textures and fonts are only a few of the things that you have to arrange before anything else and your Wedding Planner knows how to do it because it is her job. She deals every day with elements, trends and vendors to give you the best proposal for your wedding styling.

4. Meetings with vendors

Having a Wedding Planner by your side means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching, emailing or skyping with dozens of vendors until your special day. Firstly, a Wedding Planner will do the meetings, the negotiations and discuss anything based your moodboard so that you check the final email with proposals and suggestions based on your needs and budget available to spend on every service. Secondly, you only have to decide what you like most and go for it saving hours from your personal free time after work.


Wedding Planners help to stick on your budget and give you alternative ideas when you can not afford an idea of Pinterest decoration. Unless you have a no limit budget to spend, this is so important for your final result.

6.Keep you on track

Having so much time to plan your wedding you may believe you have enough time to do things. One day you just realize that you only have three months and no services have been completed yet. A Wedding Planner will be the best reminder on tasks, services and deposits to be done based on her list and timetable.

7.Paper work consultation

Every country has its own system. Having a local Wedding Planner will help you with the paper work even you want a symbolic ceremony by the sea or an orthodox one in a church. Sometimes you can deal with your Wedding Planner to do the process for you, wherever it is possible to do it, and not only to consult her.

8.Coordination of the day

Everybody will tell you that they want to help you on the wedding day. Believe me when I say that it is not so true after 12 months. Nobody really wants-and shouldn’t in my opinion- to do work and carry things under the sun on the wedding day instead of having fun by the pool and getting ready for the big event. Leave the coordination on professional hands and your Wedding Planner will take care everything and every vendor to run smooth the preparations for your special day.

9. Details matter

Who is going to set up the tables? Where are the props for the flatlay? Every detail matters that’s why you need a Wedding Planner. You have to have fun with your guests instead to worry about the details. These tasks are not for everyone but for a professional Wedding Planner. On your wedding day will work up to 12 hours so that you can enjoy every minute with your family.


When florist arrives at reception facilities? What time does the hair and make up has to start for the bride? Where is going to set up the tables and chairs? How long the toasts last? When the party starts? And many other are included on her timeline. She will work on this weeks ago to be prepared and will share the list with every single vendor. Everyone knows what to do and when based on this Wedding Planners’ list.

what wedding planners do

This is not the complete list but just a small idea of a Wedding Planner’s job. Sometimes I have 12 months to plan a wedding and others I have to do it in 3 months. Based on my experience I will definitely help you to create the most unexcepted outcome for you and your guests. Finding the best location or venue & coordinate the big day will be my pleasure. It will be my pleasure to be your Wedding Planner in Greece.

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